Friday, June 20, 2008

Teaching Sin

Whenever something out of the ordinary occurs, we should explore the positive intention behind it, even if it is something which we might at first think is quite bad. We can benefit if we search for the lesson it contains for us.
NO hidden notes no cry.. Happy now (GHOST notes)


Anonymous said...

Somewhere, everywhere, now hidden, now apparent in what ever is written down, is the form of a human being. If we seek to know him, are we idly occupied?

Anonymous said...

Yousef...i salute you !
somebody is finally talking about the elephant in the room !

*7ebbing it fery mu6ch*

keep it up...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous.. sometimes more is less :)
It is just words to introduce my piece.. Thanks to leave comment and come back again.

Enchanted fairy.. Thanks for your uplifting smooth words. I appreciate it :)