Thursday, November 3, 2011

at D Magazine Italy October 2011 issue

The authentic musician of Amman. Prolific artist (rock, jazz, blues, trip hop, electronic, and those weird noises that come out when you mess with the pedal, synths, guitars and the computer). He is popular in the region (and beyond) for projects ranging from duo Manam (melodic electronic rock music) to electronic genes (the weirdest outstanding electronic rock album in 2009) to multimedia works like experimental videos and mini-docs that have earned him recognition. After all we are in 2011. "We are no longer 'in the '90s and even '80s - said in an interview with JO - It' s time to experiment." He is said to be one of the Arab musical artists to watch in 2011

Thank you very much Elisa Pierandrei & D Magazine