Thursday, May 22, 2008

After the shades... 100Live Cowboys 2008

The performance was awesome, I enjoyed the audience, you guys rock.
Thanks for the great feedback.
Thanks Makan (Ola), OrangeRed ( Lama, Sawsan and Fadi), mohammad alQaq and 100Live copies.
Thanks Zafer & Serene for the lovely time that we had together.

Here are some photos, press release in Arabic, and here is Part of the performance, taken from khobbeizeh

These are the videos I made for the performance


mohammad alQaq said...

Dear... you did wonderful, and I'm hoping to see you performing again & again. you have all the support from khobbeizeh :D cheers

Anonymous said...

Really like it... keep up the good work... when will you be playing live next?

Yousef Kawar said...

Thanks for your support moe :)

Paul.. Thank you for your uplifting words
Ill keep you posted mate and stay in touch