Friday, January 16, 2015


Outdoor swimming pool & it's raining

كل يوم Everyday

Tadpoles أبو ذنيبة

Spring 2013 in New York City HD

Shredding advanced piano solo on guitar

Guitar Head

Advanced skills on guitar / for fun

I Wish You A Merry Krismes 2014

Internal Dialogue / Audiovisual Art Installation in New York

The series, Ego versus Soul, includes "Internal Dialogue," a first time collaboration between artist/sculptor Jeanine Alfieri and composer and videographer Yousef Kawar. The piece portrays the never ending dichotomy between the repetitive, negative noises orchestrated by our egos and the nurturing sounds created by our souls that results in a dance as old as human history.
Thanks Mohammad alQaq / behind the mask.
Location: New York

* To truly savor the resulting experience, a good pair of headphones is essential.