Friday, May 22, 2009

The New Album, Electronic Genes, In Stores Now

Recorded from nature and the surroundings, sounds were transformed using electronic devices, combined with other sounds produced by music instruments; result in a fusion between electronic music and various music genres. The album features nine pieces, each its own entity taking the emotions on a roller coaster from happiness to sadness, calm to anger, passion to contemplation.

Yousef Kawar is a musician with over a 15 year experience in music composing and sound engineering. His music is made up of mashed up electronic beats mixed with ambient sounds and a touch of rock and jazz. Kawar’s playing the guitar is an audiovisual experience; he masterfully employs the instrument to illustrate a dynamic range of emotions, sharpened with his academic training in composing music.

Kawar incorporates visual effects as background to his live performances. As his pieces do not speak of concrete situations, they are an attempt to connect with the unreachable, subtle side of being, something beyond the verbal vocabulary-a careful preservation of a spiritual state. This music demands a relaxed listener to appreciate its ethereal qualities.

Here are some photos from the launching day:

Here is a video:

Here are the album's Graphics inside & outside:

Here is one of the tracks:

The album is available on CD for sale at Prime megastore, virgin megastore, music box, books@cafe, makan, Souq Jara

All music written and produced by Yousef Kawar ©2009


mohammad alQaq said...

Alf mabrook. menha lal a3la inchalla :) great job

Yousef Kawar said...

thanks khobbiezeh :)