Tuesday, December 30, 2008


GHAZZEH by yousef kawar


mohammad said...

This is a great deep surprise! it's telling us everything in 3 minutes! It's looping & looping, can't stop listening to it.

amazing how an artist can express himself/herself in so many diffrent ways.

way to go ... way to go, bravo :)

p.s: screw Zionism, and thanks for helping our people in Gaza. Music is a great SOS.

Yousef Kawar said...

thanks moe

Ashwaq said...

the music and the background sounds (helicopters and rockets..etc) are perfectly composed together... I really got goose-bumps..can I post this track on my blog ??

Yousef Kawar said...

Ashwaq, thank you very much.. Yes you can post the piece and send it to your mail list if you want but mention my name

Salt & Pepper said...

no worries..done ;)