Wednesday, August 13, 2008

سَقطَتْ سهواً Saqatat Sahwan

A new arabic song composed and played by me..

lyrics and a cheerful voice: Mohammad alQaq

Download it here (right click on the link, and then save link as/save target as)


Saqf said...

Great music Yousef!
Great lyrics Qaq!

Never expected a collaboration between a khobbeizeh and a Jordanian Cowboy would give such a strong debut!

The music is very haunting and sucks the listener deeper and deeper into the dark, but Qaq's warm voice comforts the listener and makes him enjoy the beauty of darkness without any fear.

mania said...

singing and music are simply unbelievable. congrats for this great job, i loved it so much.

mohammad said...

it was my honor :) thank you so much for your great effort and for your usual support, I'm very grateful

Yousef Kawar said...

Thank you Ahmad, Mania AND Mohammad the great :)

Anonymous said...

cool song, i liked it, liked the music, liked the performance. but i was trying to play it with my own sound system it gave me a poor quality of sound.

Yousef Kawar said...

Anonymous, Thanks for your comment but its a home studio quality :)

Mohammed Abdulhamid said...

... great music and voice, love the lyrics as well..
love the mixture of blends, modes and styles.

Mo.. ur voice carry lots of warm ambiance

keep up the good work guys... we r all support.

Yousef Kawar said...

Thanks mohammad for your support :)

mohammad said...

appreciate it M. abdullhamid :)